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self-harm spell jar, final girl (anthology by porkbelly press, forthcoming tba)

discourse is dead and social media killed it, iō literary journal (forthcoming 2023)

dykes, eating, new words press (2023)

freak of nature, new words press (2023)

thyestean, nightmare melodies (anthology by wingless dreamer publisher, 2023)

il mostro, or the church chastises its daughter, gigantic sequins (2023)

parallel lovers, femme dyke zine (2023)

the druid and the bard, 805 lit + art (2023)

notes on a wrong body, god's cruel joke (2023)

pulp, papeachu review (2023)

on closeness, papeachu review (2023)

listening to girl in red on a thursday night wishing you were next to me, the q&a queerzine (2023)

things i'll always be, coalesce community (2022)

apostate, cosmic double (2022)

acts of service, mercury retrograde magazine (2022)

after the pink supermoon on a cloudy april night: a triptych, mercury retrograde magazine (2022)

ode to hydra, mercury retrograde magazine (2022)

masochist's psalm, fauxmoir (2022)

things i could have been, cathexis northwest press (2022)

fucking while broken, defunkt magazine (2022)

pupa, the closed eye open (2021)

virgo under a new moon, silver rose magazine (2021)

on finding venus, beyond queer words (anthology by beyond words literary, 2021)

requiem, pennsylvania's best emerging poets (anthology by z publishing house, 2019)

meet me by the river and name me the stars, honey bee review (2018)

fig, minor bird (2018)

wings, 1932 quarterly (2018)

woman like a fig leaf, impossible archetype (2017)

eating fruit from my lover's hands, minor bird (2017)

retribution for marigolds, 1932 quarterly (2017)


pet, ten tickles: tales from beyond sanity (from nat 1 llc, 2023)

like the branches we grew thick, jenny magazine (2023)

tear me open, lay me down, god's cruel joke (2023)

night shift, the molotov cocktail (third prize winner for the flash monster series, 2022)

midnight snack, unfortunately, literary magazine (2022)

homecoming, minor bird (2018)

creek dreams, flash fiction for flash memory (anthology by anchala studios, 2018)

wetlands, underscore review (2017)

ada sun is not dead, cold creek review (2017)


tremors, five minutes literary (forthcoming 2023)

academic and conferences

"what have you done today to deserve your eyes?": taboo, power dynamics, and queer worthiness in things have gotten worse since we last spokehorror homeroom (2023)

exploring mutilation: women, affect, and the body horror genre, sic: a journal of literature, culture, and literary translation (2022)

confronting abominations: nonhuman lovers in dating simulators, teratophilia: transmedial representations of hybrid sexualities, new york university (2022)

just monika: subversion and metanarrative in doki doki literature club, popular culture association conference (2022)

queer ecology and ecofeminist perspectives on childhood in hayao miyazaki’s ponyo on the cliff by the sea, cultivating dynamic environments, duquesne university (2022)

"a tear in the mind": reading corrupted gems in rebecca sugar’s steven universe as disabled bodies, geek/art confluence, syracuse university (2022)

unreliable narrators and chaotic structure: the art of misremembering in i’m thinking of ending things, memory: forgetting, futures, and foundations, stony brook university (2022)

"you and me versus the rest of the queer community": transfeminism in imogen binnie's nevada, sigma tau delta international english honor society convention (first prize for american literary criticism, 2019)

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